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Ghost Ducks, Space Ships, and a new track!

Autumn is on the horizon!

Although it’s still just as hot as ever outside, pretty soon the leaves will be changing and the air will be cooling and Fall will be upon us once again.

And with the new season comes two new projects I’m working on:

I’m doing the soundtrack for the iPhone’s first ever Ghost Duck Virtual Pet app, called Pon Pon.
There will be a demo available soon, so be on the lookout!

During the last week in July, Ludum Dare hosted a week-long Real Time Strategy game challenge. I teamed up with programmer/designer Andrew Kelley and we created Pillagers!  Although it didn’t win any awards in the competition (5th place in Audio though, SOO close…) the game was well received and we had a lot of fun working on it, so we want to continue its development and try to get it greenlit on Steam, etc.  You can play a steadily updating demo of it here (it works best in Google Chrome).

I also want to post a piece I wrote for the TIGSource Musical Challenge XXVI “Final Boss”


New Music Track

A couple of weeks ago, voting was wrapped up on the TIGSource Musical Challenge XXII.  After an initial tie and a re-vote, a winner was found:



New Direction


So, its been over a year since my last post here.  I’ve been devoting more attention to my other page since then but when it came time to either renew this site or let the domain expire, a little voice inside of me told me to keep the site active even though I don’t use it or point anybody to it anymore. now has a purpose: Audio for Interactive Media.  Game sound.

This site will now be focused on music and sfx for video games and other interactive media, as opposed to a central hub for me to post about general music stuff.  And to get the ball rolling, the sounds page now has some brand new video game inspired music on it!

Enjoy!  (I said to the zero people reading this…)

2 New Albums to Check Out

Over the past 7 months I’ve been working on a couple of projects with a couple of artists.  Both of them are out now and on iTunes.

Michael Drew – Being Alone EP

This is the first solo release by talented guitarist and songwriter Michael Drew.  It was entirely written, performed and recorded by himself, and I came on board to mix it.  Mastering was done by Carl Saff at

You can find out more about Michael’s musical activities at, one of them being…

Adora – One Word

One of Chicago’s premier up and coming acts, Adora has shared the stage with such bands as Company of Thieves, Smoking Popes and Lucky Boys Confusion, have been mentioned in AP magazine, and have had airplay on MTVu and the now-defunct Q101.

The album was engineered and produced by myself and the band, it was mixed by Chuck Macak at electrowerks and it was mastered by the venerable Howie Weinberg.

For more info on upcoming shows, and links to their social network profiles, check out




 The Intercontinental Music Lab has just put out its seventh full-length album.  A blurb from their website:

“Animals and birds are getting wiped out and the IML is concerned. Really concerned. So with this album we wrote songs and dedicated them to a small number of those most in danger. We ask all downloaders to perhaps pop by the World Wildlife Fund and make a donation in return for this sumptuous music. Listen on Last.FM, Jamendo or Soundcloud.”

For each song on this album (and every album the IML has put out) the instrumental backing track is written by one member, and then the track gets semi-randomly sent to another member who writes the lyrics and vocals for the song.  For this album, the topic was endangered species.  I wrote a dark country tune inspired by an ancient fish called the Coelacanth.  I then, in turn, got to write and sing some vocals for a rock number about the Blue-Throated Macaw. 

I think the album turned out great, and I hope everyone enjoys it!


A couple photos…

…from the Adora guitar sessions.  We holed up in guitarist Mike’s basement, made a cave out of blankets, and turned his amps up LOUD!

New EP by Adora

I’m gearing up for a long holiday weekend of guitar recording with Chicago alternative band Adora.  They’ve only been around for about a year or so, but already they are making a splash in the Chicago scene, having opened for bands such as The Graduate, Company of Thieves, Lucky Boys Confusion, Smoking Popes, etc.  I am working on a new EP with them and this weekend begins electric guitar madness!  I plan on taking some pictures, and I bet the band will shoot some video too, so there will be more up here soon to check out.


Projects in the works

I just finished mixing the new Ep for local rock/pop guitarist Michael Drew.  It is currently un-titled (and he may release it under a different artist name as well), but once it gets back from mastering and is more set for release I’ll be sure to post more info about it.

I’m also hard at work composing music for the next release by The Intercontinental Music Lab.  I’ve made appearences on 2 of the 6 albums it has put out since its inception back in 2008 (Superheroes of Space and Mysteries of the Unexplained), and will have another 2 tracks credited on this latest album, which should come out this fall.

Aside from that, I have plans to remix/release a solo record I did a couple years back, a collaborative album with LA’s Dan Waldkirch is in the works, and I have a new band together that is working on some really great material.  I will post more on these as they materialize.



Welcome to Broken Sounds!

Feel free to take a look around.  There isn’t too much here to look at as of yet, but expect a lot more content in the future.  Until I can come up with some more posts, check out my pages up top.  About tells you a little bit about myself and Broken Sounds, Contact lets you get in touch with me, Media will let you listen to some examples of my work, and Past Clients is a list of some of the great musicians I’ve worked with.



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